Preview 2014: Tim Limbach

We asked Somerset supporters to tell us about themselves and their love of the cider county. The fourth contribution comes from Tim Limbach one of our Dorset based supporters. Thanks to him for his contribution and if you are a fan and want to contribute too then please email us at The Incider and we’ll send you the form.

(4) Tim Limbach from Dorchester

  • Who are Ya?

Tim Limbach, aged 58, from Dorchester. Former Platinum and Long Room member but this year haven’t renewed. Tend to watch only at weekends and prefer the one-day stuff. Too busy to watch midweek and few weekend 50 over games so reluctantly decided to ‘PAYG’.

  • Cider boy since?

First joined when we moved here from London in 1992, but supported Somerset since early eighties when the ‘Big Three’ were playing. First memory was going to Lords, without a ticket, just to be near where Somerset were playing. Biggest regret? Moaning at games and falling out with decent supporters.

  • Favourite Somerset player ever?

I T Botham is an absolute legend and I use his name as my ‘handle’ on web sites. I have read his books, but never met him. My brother met him once in a north Yorkshire pub, where he was entertaining Viv Richards and the Windies team!

Peter Bowler was a very kind player, who lent his jumper to my son at Bath. He noticed how cold he was.

  • Favourite Somerset game

Somerset v Leicestershire at Lords, when the unfortunate Boswell had a ‘mare’. The first time I had seen us win a trophy.

The T20 final at the Oval was also memorable, as I hurt my hand dropping a catch. I’d had far too much cider, but what a great feeling.

  • Favourite present Somerset player?

Banger is a legend, having struggled through many personal battles. I remember talking to him at Trent Bridge before he was an England star. He was having a poor run of form. I said ‘hang on in there, keep believing and it will happen’. The rest is mostly history, but this year he will again dominate.

  • In one sentence how would you describe the 2013 season?

Great moments, but too many let downs.

  • Thoughts on the current squad

Several players need to fulfil their potential in all forms of game.

Trescothick is a great inspiration and if does well then so will the team.

Compton is a tremendous talent and should provide stability to batting.

Trego, fans favourite, again a great talent who will hopefully shine. Maxi needs to cut out his loose deliveries and he will thrive.

Hildreth promises much and hopefully added responsibility of vice-captain will help.

Dibble, Overton and other youngsters have chance to achieve great things if they knuckle down and put their whole lives into cricket.

The stars need to earn their salaries and be an example to all the youngsters.

  • How will Somerset do in 2014?

LVCC:  Success in this form of the game requires consistently good all-round performances. We need to post good first innings scores and bowl teams out, which we didn’t do enough last season. If we have a good start we can go all the way.

T20: Our youngsters are improving all the time and if our senior players hit form, we’ll do very well.

Pro50: By the time this competition starts, the football season will be just around the corner, so we will need to have been playing well to entice the fans away from the footie. If we have done well, we can again do well in this competition.

  • Key player for Somerset in 2014

Peter Trego is a potential match winner. He is a great fielder, explosive hitter and potentially a top bowler. If he fires, he will inspire the team. If he can maintain his concentration whilst batting, he could get some big scores. He will definitely give his all, so if he fails it won’t be from lack of effort.

Another key player is Trescothick, who when firing, inspires all around.

  • Young player to watch out for in 2014

Jamie Overton showed signs of being a top bowler last season, but needs to channel his hostility the right way, so as not to give so much away, rather like the miserly Glen McGrath.

We have a wealth of young talent and these are exciting times.

  • Which player would you like to sign for Somerset (if money no object)

England qualified: Jos Buttler

Overseas: Graeme Smith

  • Apart from Somerset which other sports and teams do you follow?

Parents came from south Yorkshire so always had a liking for Yorkshire CCC and Sheffield Wednesday. As a boy I supported Manchester United and that passion has stayed with me. I now support and work for Weymouth FC. I like watching England in the Six Nations RFU.

Although Bridge is not a sport, I play a lot to a fairly decent standard.