Kiessy recovering well and thanks fans for their support

Kies2Somerset fans at the NatWest T20 game on Friday night will have been pleased to see Craig Kieswetter back at the County Ground after his recent horrific injury.

The good news is that Craig is recovering well and was able to take part in a Q and A session in the Hospitality section of the County Room on Friday night.

Craig spoke to the official Somerset club website before the Middlesex game and gave an update on his progress and thanked fans for the many get well messages and cards he has received.

He has been out of the game since he was hit in the face by a delivery by Northamptonshire’s David Willey during the championship match at Northampton on 12 July.

Since then he has had a full medical assessment, which thankfully revealed no lasting damage to his eye, and has undergone an operation.

Craig told the club website:

“My recollection of the event is pretty blurry to be honest (excuse the pun) as I was pretty pumped full of shock and adrenaline. However I do remember batting quite nicely in the middle and going off like a rocket for the start if my innings.

“Tres and I had a chat between the over with our customary fist pump and I recall myself telling him that I needed to reign it in a touch, it wasn’t a T20 match after all.

Kiessy injury“At this point in time Tres decided to chuck a brilliant suggestion into the mix – ‘you could do with taking a knock to the helmet to settle you down?’ – clearly I took my captain’s advice.”

Talking about his injury, Craig said:

“I’ve never really been one to do things half-heartedly and so the damage turned out to be quite extensive – I shattered my orbital floor (the cup your eye sits in) and broke and fractured my nose in three different places. I certainly gave the surgeon a challenge of piecing my boyish good looks back together!

“Surgery went as well as I could have hoped for. A couple metal plates inserted, a few stitches, some painkillers and I was sent on my way. But all jokes aside it was a relief to find out that there will be no lasting damage to my eye.”

There’s no clear picture though as to how long Craig is likely to be out of the game. Craig said: “We aren’t really sure yet on the recovery period yet as it’s a fairly unique injury in terms of breakage and muscle strain. The standard recovery period for a break is six weeks (depending on the extent of the damage) but because there was some strain and trauma to my eye we will be continually assessing the recovery.

“For a professional sportsman injuries are probably the worst experiences. It’s never great sitting on the sidelines not being able to contribute to the team, but it’s part and parcel of the profession we are in.

“I’ve been quite unfortunate over the past two years with injuries and lack of selection so this actually gives me a great opportunity to take a little break and assess things.”

Craig added: “Finally I just want to say a huge thank you to all the members and supporters who have sent messages, emails, letters, and cards. I am overwhelmed by the support and understanding and will be doing everything I can to gets back to action as soon as possible. But for the meantime I’ll be joining them in the stands (with a cider or two) heckling the lads!”