Rosey’s book: First Impressions by Peter Wanless

Peter Wanless has had a sneak preview of Brian Rose’s book published on Thursday. For those of you wondering whether it is for you (and if you are a Somerset supporter why wouldn’t it be?) here are Peter’s initial impressions.

Like Peter, and our very own Steve Jennings, Brian Charles Rose was a bit of a hero for me. Like Peter my Dad never got to see his beloved Somerset lift the Championship. Like Peter I am daring to dream.

Here are Peter’s thoughts:

My meticulously kept childhood autograph book tells me it was 15 May 1976 when I ran onto my home town’s cricket pitch to get Brian Rose’s autograph. Somerset had just beaten the Minor Counties in a Benson and Hedges group match at Chippenham.

Today I find myself on the Somerset CCC Committee alongside Rosey as our new President. I will need to get his autograph for a second time on this excellent book. Born just down the road from where I now live (Horton Kirby) Brian grew up in Somerset and was, probably too swiftly elevated into the first team. But after a false start he soon established himself in what became and remains the golden age of SCCC.

So many great memories and characters are captured with insights into my heroes Dasher Denning and Dredgie as well as the more obvious Viv, Both and Big Bird. We are taken through the heartbreak of being double runners up in 78, double champions in 79, “that” declaration and the very many extraordinary ways in which Somerset have been pipped at the post in more recent years through one technicality or another.

As I write this, Somerset have won every game so far this season. Rosey is back as President. Andy Hurry and Jason Kerr are back as coaches. Roy Kerslake is around the ground. Tres goes on and on. Jos may be coming back.

Sadly my Dad (who would have loved this book) is no longer with us but maybe, just maybe, this is the year we finally win that County Championship never secured during his 80 years of supporting Somerset.

As we used to sing back in the day to the tune of Ally’s Tartan Army;

“We’re on the march with Rosey’s army,

We’re going to win the John Player League,

And we’ll really shake them up,

When we win the Gillette cup,

Cuz Somerset are the greatest cricket team.”

Rosey: My Life in Somerset Cricket is published by Fairfield Books and available for £16 from Somerset County Sports and the publisher direct: