Support Somerset fan ‘The Crippled Cricketer!’

Patrick Medhurst-Feeney is a Cricket fan and Somerset supporter. In May he and Laura Ellis, a fellow veteran that served in the British Army, will embark on a mammoth challenge they call The Trike Tour 2017. This involves travelling 518 miles in just 10 days, both on recumbent bikes. One bike is foot powered and the other is hand powered.

Patrick and Laura are now living with injuries and illnesses that they attained through their service and are undertaking the journey looking to give something back to two charities that have done so much to help improve their quality of lives; Help For Heroes and Veterans With Dogs.

These two charities continue to help both of them to move forward, regardless of the hurdles in front of them. It goes to show that regardless of the mental and physical health problems, these two are driven to help those that have helped them.

Despite his disabilities Patrick plays cricket for Yelverton Bohemians in the Devon League and is a qualified coach. On his Twitter site he pays tribute to the game and its healing powers by saying: “Cricket helps my mental and physical recovery.”

He has an excellent blog called The Crippled Cricketer and the site got a mention on page 150 of this year’s Wisden Almanack written by fellow Somerset fan Brian Carpenter. In that article Brian said the site “testifies to the sport’s redemptive power.” He ends the piece by saying that “this is cricket as salvation.”

The Trike Tour ’17 starts at Edinburgh Castle and the pair will travel to Exeter over 10 days. They will stop at different locations along the way including, Moffat, Penrith, Lancaster, Widnes, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Thornbury and Bridgwater.

Patrick says: “The ride itself is to help give a little back to two charities that have helped, and continue to help, me and Laura.

“Without Help for Heroes I wouldn’t have got back into cricket, nor would I have had some of the fantastic opportunities that I’ve now had, such as stepping onto the field to play at The Oval.

Veterans With Dogs has always been there for me and given me vital support and education when I needed it most.

“Through both of these charities I’ve made great connections and had such great opportunities. To be able to be in a position where I can do something to raise some money to give back means the world to the pair of us.”

His fascination with Somerset started at a rather unlikely venue: “My first game was actually a T20 game between Somerset and Cornwall at Truro. Although just a friendly, it was brilliant to see those players that I would enjoy watching from then on.”

And a favourite player: “I can’t look past Tres. From the start of me watching him during the Ashes, to seeing him perform for Somerset, he is definitely my favourite player.

“Although being afflicted with Left Hand Batsman Syndrome, he is a joy to watch, and a great player that has been through so much in the game and in his personal life.”

This is an inspiring venture so please support these two veterans. At the time of writing they are 20% to their target of £6,000 and you can donate here:

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