Why I support Somerset: Alex Simpson

Somerset’s army of support is not confined to the county, nor the South West for that matter. The love for Somerset reaches far and wide in the UK and throughout the world too. Our newest writing recruit, Alex Simpson, lives in Shrewsbury yet follows the fortunes of the cider county day-in-and-day-out. So how does someone so young become attracted to Somerset some 170 miles away from the County Ground? Below Alex tells us in his own words. 

It may surprise many to find that I support Somerset despite being born in Germany, living in Shropshire, and having a Lancashire member for a Grandad. Surely, I would either be going down my paternal side and following Lancashire, or would follow Warwickshire, the nearest major county to me? However, due to my mother being from Taunton, I had a decision to make.

Alex watching Somerset at Worcester in 2012
Alex watching Somerset at Worcester in 2012

There are many reasons why I chose Somerset over Lancashire or any other county but the thing that drew me towards them most was the players. When I started being interested in cricket, and was watching t20 and CB40 games on Sky (around 2010), I was drawn to the Cidermen’s squad more than anyone else’s. Trescothick, Trego, Pollard, Thomas, Buttler – all these names and the style they played with drew me towards the county. And with my favourite England player Craig Kieswetter, post the 2010 T20 world cup, playing for them, they HAD to be my county. And although some of the players have gone, and my adoration for others has dwindled for one reason or another, there has always been players to replace them and keep the vibrancy and excitement of watching them there.

Also, I was attracted to the County because of the 1970s/80s period in the clubs history – I loved reading about the side of that period, containing cricketing legends such as Botham, Richards Garner. I would have loved to have seen them play – at the time it would have been special, but can you imagine them being in the current Somerset side?! It must have been such an exciting period around the County because of it, and no one else’s history drew my attention as much as that did.

Finally, I was attracted to support Somerset because of the County Ground. I absolutely love it – the location by the river and near the town centre is superb, its picturesque, the perfect size unlike others such as Old Trafford, and I also love the recognition it has towards its past and its greatest. Walking around the ground and reading the legends signs is always interesting, and to have stands named after Marcus Trescothick, Ian Botham, the Andy Caddick pavilion, and the gates named after Brian Rose, Viv Richards and Joel Garner shows the club cares equally about its history than about making money by having sponsored names.

So, there you have it – why I support Somerset County Cricket Club. And, I think no one could say I don’t have good reasons why.